Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we are asked on a fairly frequent basis. If you have a question, and it's not answered here, feel free to ask us at

1. Why put my creations on 

2. How long can the world see my artworks. 

3. Can I change my submitted artworks. 

4. How can buyers find me. 

5. Can my creations be pirated or copied. 

6. Do the pictures get distorted when transferred to web. 

7. What are the buying procedures. 

8. Are the artworks original. 

9. How can one participate in the FREE exhibition cum competitions at A.F.A.

1. is a place where the entire world comes in contact with the creations   displayed in the pages of this site. The viewer ship is far more varied and large in comparison to any popular Gallery and moreover, each web page is like a separate gallery, where the member does not have to share his/her gallery with anyone else. It is basically a never ending Exhibition of your artworks throughout the world. The MEMBERS of doesn't have to search the buyers, instead our marketing team does so and as it is a worldwide affair the chances of getting a customer would be more. The members would get a dedicated web address from, which they can use as reference and invite anybody in the world to visit their own web page. In this way the members can develop contacts throughout the world. In order to avail these facilities the member has to fill up a MEMBERSHIP FORM along with the photographs of artworks and Membership fees.

2.   After successfully completing the MEMBERSHIP FORM and remitting the requisite amount of money, the Member's web page would be functional within 21 days. This web page would be valid for 12 months from the Membership Registration Day. The membership is renewable with a nominal amount of fees. 

3.   Yes, the submitted artworks can be changed within the Membership tenure of any Member with minimum amount of charge.

4. has a dedicated team of Marketing Executives who undertake promotional measures and search dedicatedly buyers for the artworks. Moreover, search  engines would be able to indicate successfully our web site. Any user can find our web site through the popular search engines.

5.   All artworks present at are copyrighted by the respected artists. Moreover the pictures of the artworks on this site are digital representations of the photographs of the original art. The pictures are in low resolution and in scaled-down size. Possibility of replicating the artwork through the pictures in this site is non-existent.

6.   The original colour and texture of the artwork may vary slightly from the colour and texture as seen in the computer screen on account of digitization of the image and technical reasons beyond our control. The difference in appearance will depend upon the monitor settings at the users' end. We recommend to set the computer colour monitor to a resolution of 800 X 600 pixels and the colours option to True Colour (16 bit) to get the closest resemblance to the captured image. We have tried to minimize such differences as far as possible.

7.   Please refer to BUYING GUIDE.

8.   All artworks present in possess Authentication Certificate of originality of the artwork from the artist. Buyers would receive the Certificate of Originality from the artist with every purchase of artwork they make.

9.  For participating in the Exhibition cum Competition to be held at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, during July 14th and 15th, 2002 one has to be a member of For more details please refer to the Be a Member page and the Art News page.






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